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Living Church Ministries welcomes you to this website!
Sharing the Good News all around the world.
Jesus came to lead us to Salvation. He shows us the Way, the Truth and the Light of Love.
Let us join Together Now in Christ and in Joy!

Living Church Logo

Everyone is welcome with open arms.

Love, Innocence, Forgiveness, Non-Judgment, Peace, Open-Mindedness, Kindness, True Compassion,
Honesty, Integrity, Miracles, Devotion, Trust, Joy, Defenselessness...

Jesus is a Living Demonstration of the Qualities of Christ.
It is by following Him that Christ is realized within us.

Experience Life through Him.

"Love One Another
As I Love You."

"You are the light of the world.
A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden." Matthew 5:14

"Be ye perfect, as your Father in Heaven is perfect." Matthew 5:48

Mission statement
The purpose of our global ministry is to support Christ's teachings and to experience Life through Him. God is working through us, and fills our heart with His joy and our mind with His peace. He is our Source and our inspiration. We offer worship services, teaching missions, a monastery, counseling, music, media and book publishing/distribution, and have international ministers in Canada, Australia, and Europe. Read more here >>>


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