International Ministers

Ordained Ministers

This recognition is given by the Senior Pastor to those persons who have “established” themselves or demonstrated their devotion in ministry by having worked in their vocation as a Minister for at least two years. Ordained Ministers are authorized to perform all functions of the ministry including holding church services, ministering all ceremonies (for example, weddings, baptisms, and funerals), providing spiritual counseling, taking charge of a congregation, and registering a new church, and must be capable of doing so, as determined by the Senior Pastor.
Senior Pastor: Rev. David Hoffmeister, OM
Rev. David has traveled in 44 countries for over 35 years.
Rev. Kirsten Buxton, OM
Rev. Jason Warwick, OM
Rev. Jason "JP" Press, OM
Rev. Frances Xu, OM
Rev. Lisa Fair, OM
Rev. Erik Archbold, OM
Rev. Emily Alexander, OM
Rev. Greg Donner, OM
Rev. Helena Sjunnesson, OM
Founder of The Open Heart, at the Center of The Open Heart Ministry registered 2016 as a Religious Denomination (Sweden)
Rev. Jenny Maria De La Luz, OM
Founder of the non-profit foundation Despierta al Amor / Awaken to Love Community and Retreat Center in Málaga, Spain.ㅤㅤㅤ

Licensed Ministers

This recognition is for those who are called into the ministry and are recognized to have exhibited that call and maturity. These individuals may be working in their chosen vocation but have not yet entered full-time ministry, or have been in full-time ministry for less than two years. Such persons are authorized to perform some sacerdotal functions such as holding church services and offering spiritual counseling. Given the apprentice nature of this designation, limited authority is granted to officiate ceremonies and run the affairs of the church as overseen by the Senior Pastor and/or other designated Ordained Ministers.
Rev. Ana Paola Urréjola B., LM
Rev. Andy Pejman, LM
Rev. Anna Carol "AC" Galloway, LM
Rev. Jessica Rarey, LM
Rev. Jutta Duncan, LM
Rev. Kenneth Clifford, LM
Rev. Laverne Sheppard, LM
Rev. Linda van der Velden, LM
Rev. Marina Colombo Hearne, LM
Rev. Nicolas Texier, LM
Rev. Paulinha Oliveira, LM
Rev. Peter Kirk, LM
Rev. Soren Lyngsgaard, LM
Rev. Susannah van 't Hoff, LM
Rev. Zachary Bellows, LM

Commissioned Ministers

This recognition is given to those who feel a definite call to living a life in service to God. These individuals are involved in ministerial training while working in their chosen vocation. A specific commissioned ministry may involve sharing Christ’s teachings through services and music, prison or hospital ministry, or by offering ministerial assistance.
Rev. Amanda Gomez Dasilva, CM
Rev. Ann Farrington, CM
Rev. Ariane Chaudot, CM
Rev. Colin Deng, CM
Rev. Cristina M. Vican, CM
Rev. Danielle Jordan, CM
Rev. Deborah Abrego, CM
Rev. Diana Deneb, CM
Rev. Dineke Nauta, CM
Rev. Emilie Bertram Hansen, CM
Rev. Fabien Lemaitre, CM
Rev. Jeffrey Thomas Cosker, CM
Rev. Jesús Angélica Switzer, CM
Rev. Jiska Stroes, CM
Rev. Jonathan Stein, CM
Rev. Kathleen Brennan, CM
Rev. Kristen Marcoux, CM
Rev. Lauren Gray, CM
Rev. Luana Cristina Lousada Mattar, CM
Rev. Lucia Young, CM
Rev. Lynn Yetta Parry, CM
Rev. Marcela Garnica, CM
Rev. Mary Haun, CM
Rev. Mellissa Leonor Bossa Rodriguez, CM
Rev. Metha Singleton, CM
Rev. Micah Lux, CM
Rev. Neda Boin, CM
Rev. Robert Hermsen, CM
Rev. Sam McCloskey, CM
Rev. Seema Khaneja, CM
Rev. Urpi Illarec Milla, CM
Rev. Vicky Torres, CM
Rev. Wesley Matthew Switzer, CM