Living Church Ministries

A worldwide ministry in support of Christ's teachings.

The life of Mysticism is one of devotion and reverence to God and therefore to all.

It is a discipline of mind, of training the mind to hear and follow only the Voice for God. The goal is everlasting peace of mind and the humor, gentleness, happiness, freedom, and joy that flow from such a State of Mind.

This is a direct union with our Creator - an opening to the Divine. A gift from the Holy Spirit. A full Experience of God's Love when we truly accept forgiveness for everyone and above all, our selves. This opening is found in the quiet stillness within. A letting go of thoughts and the world, inviting the Holy Spirit to take to our home within.

Our Intention

To daily live the gospel message,
not merely write about it or speak of it.

Our Focus

To seek first the Kingdom of Heaven. This focus ensures peace of mind and is possible through ongoing inward attentiveness. This attentiveness welcomes the Holy Spirit to uncover all that prevents complete focus on the Kingdom. Our work follows from this focus and is supported entirely by donation. All that is necessary has been, and continues to be, provided.

Willingness to forgive with the support of the Holy Spirit and have a change in perception - - to remove the beam in one's own eye, not focus on the speck in another's eye. We believe and practice that Forgiveness truly is the key to Heaven’s door.

What is Forgiveness?

Laying aside all judgment, all that we think we know is so, including all self concept ideas and opening up to what is far more satisfying than what this world has to offer. It is a recognition that all experiences of separation (scarcity, guilt, fear, etc.) occur only because there is a hidden belief that there is something valuable about the idea of separation from God.

The Value of Forgiveness

With the Holy Spirit's help, the hidden and insane belief in separation comes into awareness and is seen as false; no longer valued, the belief dissolves. Since the world merely represents the thinking of the mind, as that thinking changes, the need to repeatedly find evidence in the world in order to be "right" about the mistaken belief in separation falls away. What remains is a new and joyous experience of the world.

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Living Church Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit organization and a worldwide ministry in support of Christ's teachings. Living Miracles is the name under which the ministry, teaching missions, events, monastery, music, and media and book publishing/distribution groups operate. The ministry funds teaching missions and has international ministers in various countries/regions. These ministers share the same Statement of Faith, religious study, and type of religious services. Our Ministers provide spiritual guidance and support by speaking at gatherings, retreats, devotionals, and conferences. We also offer one-on-one counseling designed to help remove the obstacles of fear, doubt, and unforgiving thoughts as we join together with the Holy Spirit. Our chapel in Utah provides a quiet refuge for members to come for individual reflection and prayer, and we occasionally hold worship services there. It is also available for services such as weddings.