His Perfect Love

Written by Kirsten Buxton.

I love being woken at 3am, to spend silent hours in prayerful contemplation. The spaciousness and stillness in the quiet darkness of the morning is such a Gift… knowing nothing else is happening and this time is completely available for being with God, thoughts and prayers.

I’ve been reading some of St Francis’ rule in the wee hours. 
Through knowing Divine Providence, he knew the downfalls of personal ownership and egoic self reliance. His passion for poverty has nothing whatsoever to do with scarcity. His experience of total reliance on God as provider was what he wanted all of his brothers and sisters to know. The Certainty and blessings of being taken care of by our heavenly Father is our joy, being Life itself. 

St Francis, “Humility is the recognition of truth about God and ourselves.” “We must be firmly convinced that we have nothing of our own, except our vices and sins.” This is what Jesus continues to teach us now. God is our Source - we can not think apart from Him. We are sustained by the love of God… all else is personal interpretation. When we finally learn to take responsibility for nothing except our own mind (our one responsibility is to accept the atonement for ourselves), we come to know God - for where is God, what is God, but Divine Mind.

To go more deeply into the release of personal ownership is a pathway to God. For to claim ownership of one's deeds, one's works, one's future or one's past can easily be a form of pride… whether it be raising one's self up or insisting on littleness.

God created Christ - as the child of God we are not capable of changing His perfect Love - or using it in a personal way. It is through us that our Father does all things. And in this recognition we take 'the second place to gain the first' - and we know our Self as God created us to be. Whole, in pure simplicity... in such a gentle state of beingness within which i know that of myself I can do nothing - I am nothing - without Him.

Oh to know this, to live this, every moment of the day... to never lose this holy awareness of Your Love. This is my prayer... that whatever arises today, my mind remains within the sanctity of Yours.

Thank you ❤️ 🕊 ❤️

Have a blessed day, remembering what is forever true,  

With Love,
Kirsten  ❤️

Saint Francis of Assisi, His essential Wisdom. Edited by Carol Kelly-Gangi

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