I Long to Know You

Written by Frances Xu.

I see the cloud mist floating like the ocean from afar. Jesus’ name lingers in my mind, day and night. All of a sudden, his name alone becomes the answer to everything. All of a sudden, all the answers boil down to only one. My purpose, my function, and my message become single. Any unworthiness and self-doubt become part of the answer and not the problem anymore. I accept fully that I can’t do anything without Him. But He is with me. So I can do anything now.

“Human nature” makes it seem like there will always be temptations to separate, attack, and fight for personal gain in this world. But maybe, just maybe, we can unite in the single focus and purpose regardless. Maybe we cannot and will not ever fix all of the issues among people and a higher purpose is our only way out. Jesus is my higher purpose and the only purpose. If I hold onto the belief of being a separate human body, this life will continue to be a battle. But with you, Jesus, I can and will fulfill the function you have assigned me.
I have to know You,
I long to know You,
To know what Life truly is,
To know what Compassion truly is,
And to know what it is like to have my heart
Filled with your Love forever and ever.
I don’t have much,
A burning desire and a willingness to stay humble.
But somehow I know,
To my loving Father, that is enough.
Teach me how to be free
From the prison of attack and judgments.
And show me how to navigate
Through time and space without getting lost.
Let me not think I even know how to pray or how to forgive.
For if I am content with anything other than total peace and supreme joy,
Then I do not know you.
Let me become an empty cup once again,
With eyes closed and heart wide open,
Waiting for You to fill me up.
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Gloria - June 19th, 2023 at 9:30am

This is beautiful, Frances. thank you. ❤️