The Mystical Divine (ep. 5) - Trust and Willingness

Svava Love

Enjoy Svava’s fifth episode of Into the Mystic - Trust and Willingness.

In Episode #5 Svava talks about willingness to let God lead the way, and about trust in the unknown. She shares about that when we go on the awakening journey we have to let go of all concepts and roles before we can know the truth of who we are.

Of ourselves we can do nothing, but with God we can do anything. God is with us and He is calling us Home.

Svava begins this podcast with reading words of truth that where given to her by Spirit. Later in the podcast she reads a poem called Resting in Him, also given by Spirit.

In this podcast Svava takes the listener into a 17 minutes beautiful and restful journey into the unknown with meditative music in the background.