The Making of “Jesus: A Gospel of Love Online” | David Hoffmeister & Friends

Mar 16, 2023    David Hoffmeister

Join David Hoffmeister and friends as they discuss the making of our new “Jesus: A Gospel of Love Online” platform found at The team members will share what it’s been like for them to work on this project, the healing they’ve gone through, and how it has helped them integrate the teachings of Jesus into their own life.  

The two main aspects of the Jesus: A Gospel of Love Online platform are

1) Tribe of Christ online community:

2) Online Courses (next one is Mystical Christ Academy - read below) The Mystical Christ Academy is part of our brand-new "Jesus: A Gospel of Love Online" platform and will be a program for Christian mystics wanting to go deeper in their spiritual practice. The Academy will include lots of interactivity with David and long-term students of his, a private online community for you to meet and interact with the other students, and weekly lessons to keep you on track (requiring only about 40 minutes per day). The Academy will also include as part of its package two of our monthly “Heart of Christ” online retreats with David and Frances Xu—a $300 value alone. Overall, this will be our most transformative online program ever, and we hope you will join us!

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