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Living Church Ministries welcomes you to this website!
Sharing the Good News all around the world.
Jesus came to lead us to Salvation. He shows us the Way, the Truth and the Light of Love.
Let us join Together Now in Christ and in Joy!

The Living Miracles Monastery



Welcome to our Living Miracles Monastery in the Strawberry River canyon area of Utah, east of Salt Lake City. At the Monastery, we are dedicated to living by the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. We occasionally offer devotionals, retreats, and the opportunity for extended periods of prayer time and devotion.

We are very grateful that you are here and we are certain that the Holy Spirit has brought you here for our own healing and to maintain our only real Relationship with Him.

Blessings of Love,
Living Church Ministries, Inc.


The Living Miracles Monastery serves as a devotional residence for Mystics and Living Miracles Ministers. It opens its doors occasionally to hold worship services at its chapel, and weekly Sunday services are offered at our nearby center, which is an opportunity to the wider community to visit and experience our Living Church. You are most welcome to come and join us! Please visit our services page for more information.

Monastery Address

    Living Miracles Monastery
    12364 Sam's Wash Rd.
    Duchesne, UT 84021
    Phone: +1 435-709-2535

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