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Living Church Ministries welcomes you to this website!
Sharing the Good News all around the world.
Jesus came to lead us to Salvation. He shows us the The Way, the Truth and the Light of Love.
Let us join Together Now in Christ and in Joy!

Living Church Ministries, Inc.

Our Church

Living Church Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit organization and a worldwide ministry in support of Christ's teachings. Living Miracles is the name under which the ministry, teaching missions, events, monastery, music, and media and book publishing/distribution groups operate. The ministry funds teaching missions and has international ministers in various countries/regions including Canada, Australia, and Europe. These ministers share the same Statement of Faith, religious study, and type of religious services. Our Ministers provide spiritual guidance and support by speaking at gatherings, retreats, devotionals, and conferences. We also offer one-on-one counseling designed to help remove the obstacles of fear, doubt, and unforgiving thoughts as we join together with the Holy Spirit. Our chapel in Utah provides a quiet refuge for members to come for individual reflection and prayer, and we occasionally hold worship services there (Read more info here). It is also available for services such as weddings.

We believe that God is Love, and His will is all there is. Living Church Ministries implies "the life of the Spirit," which describes the inspiration and the devotion that our ministry is based upon. God is working through us, and fills our hearts with His joy and our minds with His peace. He is our Source and our inspiration. We welcome you to join with us in practicing Innocence, Forgiveness, Non-Judgment, Peace, Open-Mindedness, Kindness, True Compassion, Honesty, Integrity, Miracles, Devotion, Trust, and Defenselessness.

Board members of Living Church Ministries, Inc.
David Hoffmeister, Senior Pastor
Kirsten Buxton, Executive Pastor
Svava Eliassen, Treasurer
Jutta Duncan, Secretary
Jason Warwick, Trustee
Diana Markin, Trustee

Ordained Ministers (USA)
Rev. David Hoffmeister, Senior Pastor
Rev. Jason "JP" Press
Rev. Lisa Fair
Rev. Ricki Comeaux

Licensed Ministers (USA)
Rev. Erik Archbold
Rev. Greg Donner
Rev. Anna Carol "AC" Galloway

Commissioned Ministers (USA)
Rev. Jessica Rarey
Rev. Nicolas Texier
Rev. Mary Lee Thomson
Rev. Jeffrey Thomas Cosker
Rev. Seema Khaneja


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