Statement of Faith

God – We believe that God is Love, and His will is all there is. The Holy Trinity appears as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in truth they are one, in truth there is only God.

Jesus Christ – We believe that Jesus was a man who saw the face of Christ in all his brothers; he identified as Christ and remembered God. He overcame death; and therefore resurrection has been accomplished. Jesus is the leader in the Plan of the Atonement and all power in Heaven and earth is therefore given him. In remembering Jesus we are remembering God, and giving thanks for all God-given gifts.

The Holy Spirit – We believe Jesus is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Voice for God, and is part of God, being in communion with Him always. The Holy Spirit is the Answer to the belief in separation from God, and He is a Guide to lead us from fear back to the Kingdom of Heaven. The outcome of listening to and following the Holy Spirit is always peace, love, happiness, freedom, & joy. There need not be any exceptions to trusting Inner Guidance and living a life of
integrity, honesty and harmony.

Forgiveness – We believe that the curriculum of forgiveness is necessary for everyone, and these teachings are found in the Scriptures. Forgiveness leads from the belief in sin to seeing the Face of Christ. Perceiving sinlessness leads to holiness, which returns the mind to God. Acknowledging Christ in all our brothers, we recognize His Presence in ourselves. Forgiveness turns the world of sin into a simple world, a world of glory.

Salvation – We believe that salvation is our only function, and that salvation and forgiveness are the same. Salvation is for the mind and it is attained through peace. Salvation is the Holy Spirit's task, He is the only Guide that can lead to salvation. Salvation is the return to innocence, the relinquishment of judgment and guilt.

Divine Providence – We believe that trust would settle every problem now. Trust in the Holy Spirit & Christ is the means Given by God to Answer every seeming problem that arises in perception. Participants in the ministry are always referred and directed to the Voice for God within and toward
the recognition that God is the Creator & Source & Provider.

The Church – We believe that the living church is the holy home where God abides. The foundation of the church is built upon we who are devoted disciples of Christ. The presence of an altar is what makes the church holy, therefore the purpose of the church is to inspire love.

Teachers and Ministers of God – We believe that trust is the foundation upon which all Ministers and Teachers of God rest, therefore their ability to function depends upon it. Gods Teachers and Ministers are faithful. They know there is no will but Gods. They know their only purpose is to share the message of Christ; to let the Voice for God speak through them. They have learned to relinquish judgment, to overlook error, and to be simple because they have learned that the truth needs no defense. They know that they are created by God; therefore their state of mind is open, honest, gentle, peaceful and joyful.