This is a powerful, mystical movie that can take you straight into the heart of the holy instant. It is based on occurrences in the year 1917, in a small town in rural Portugal. It is the time of World War I where many sons were sent to battle, and families were torn and struggling to survive. The main religious establishment in Portugal, and in most of Europe at this time, was the Catholic church.

Ten-year-old Lucia and her two cousins playfully go out into the fields, as they do regularly, and call out to Mother Mary, only this time to have her appear to them in a vision. Mother Mary has an important message to share. She will appear six times to them, giving very specific instructions how to pray the rosary and when to come visit her again.

The movie portrays beautifully what Jesus shared in the Bible, that except we become as little children, we shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. What Jesus meant by this, is that we have to become as dependent on God as infants on their parents. In modern terms: we need to become so dependent on our intuition, on the Holy Spirit and Jesus, and follow that still inner voice within which is helping us unwind from our false ego self concept.

Prayer is the medium of miracles. Mother Mary asks the children to pray for peace in this time of war. Despite their great willingness and devotion, the children will face their doubt thoughts appearing in the form of family, priests, and the monseigneur — symbols that the ego tries to use to turn them away from their Calling and their Guide.

Yacinta, the youngest of the three, has an unwavering devotion to Mother Mary and does not bow once. These children are a true inspiration for us all!