Evan Almighty

To remember God is to follow His guidance and instructions, even if this seems to dismantle the plans and ambitions of an imposter identity. Preoccupations with the body and appearances, with career and image, must be washed away. What better way is there than a deluge of instructions and symbols of support to prepare for the flood of God’s love? Without following the instructions given, harmony, union, and love remain blocked from awareness.

Evan Baxter has just been promoted to the senate. Though he is ambitious to change the world, he tends to overlook opportunities for joining that are right in front of him. Following a prayer to God, Evan receives help that he did not expect. At first he has huge resistance to accepting the Guidance that he has clearly heard. As often happens on the spiritual journey, his family does not understand or support what he is going through and sees the undoing of his self-concept as frightening and regressive. Eventually he moves past his embarrassment about being in communication with God and spills the beans to everyone, which results in his family leaving him.

Evan turns to his calling with faith, following the guidance given him, and more help turns up than he could possibly have hoped for. After some time, Evan’s family comes back ready to join and support him fully in the joy of being in purpose together. The result, and continued decision to trust and join, is miraculous. With faith and obedience to what is given, the dance party can begin. Are you ready for a miracle? Are you ready for love?